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We have a shop on site which sells compost, fertilisers and other essential items at very competitive prices.

The shop is open on Sundays from 11.00 - 12.00 throughout the year and on Saturdays from 11.00 - 12.00 between the first Saturday in March to the last Saturday in November.

Sale of goods is restricted to Harborne Hill Allotments Association members only.


Our Products

Product Description  Price


Humax Multipurpose Compost 60L £7.50


Bone Meal 2.5kg £2.20
Bonemeal 25kg £20.00 Low Stock
Calcified Seaweed 2.5kg £2.50
Calcified Seaweed 25kg £28.00 Low Stock
Dolomite Lime 25kg £8.00 Low Stock
Dolomite Lime 5kg £2.00
Fish, Blood & Bone 2.5Kg £2.20
Fish, Blood and Bone 25kg £20.00
Garden Lime 25Kg £11.00 Low Stock
Garden Lime 5kg £2.00
Growmore 2.5Kg £2.20
Growmore 25kg £24.00
Hoof and Horn 2.5kg £3.70
Hoof and Horn 25kg £35.00 Low Stock
Liquid Seaweed £4/00
Sulphate of Ammonia 2.5 Kg £2.00
Sulphate of Ammonia 25 Kg £25.00 Low Stock
Sulphate of Potash 2.5 Kg £4.50
Sulphate of Potash 25 kg £40.00 Low Stock
Superphosphate 2.5 Kg £3.00

Soil Improvers

Farmyard Manure 50L £4.75
Grow Organic Manure 40L £9.00
Organic Chicken Manure Pellets 10kg £12.00

Equipment and Pest Control

Canes 10 x 4 foot £3.20
Canes 10 x 8 Foot £6.50
Cloche Film 1.85m wide (per metre) £0.40
Ground Cover Pegs £0.10
Ground Cover Staples £0.25
Jute Twine Natural 4 ply 250gm £3.00
Key for Main Gate £5.00
Permatex Ground Cover 4m wide (per metre) £3.00
Twist Ties (50) £0.70
Vitax Slug Rid 500gm £7.00
Waterbutt £15.00 Out of Stock
Wire Galvanised £6.00

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Cashless Payments

We are now accepting payments by bank transfer.

You can download an order form in PDF or Word format and either pre-pay using your PC or pay when you collect the goods using your mobile phone banking app.

Do not pre-pay for items labelled "out of stock" or "low stock".

We are not equipped to accept card payments.

New Products

Doff Liquid Seaweed

Liquid Seaweed is an organic and natural plant growth stimulant
• Makes up to 300L
• Organic & natural for the stimulation of vigorous & healthy growth
• For use on plants, shrubs & vegetables

Price: £4.00

Seed Potatoes

Reduced to clear, All varieties now £2.00 per 2kg

First Early

Swift £4.00 per 2kg

One of the quickest growing varieties of new potato, producing a good crop with a delicate taste in as little as 8 weeks from planting. Harvest May-July.

Pentland Javelin £3.50 per 2kg

Heavy crops of short, oval, white skinned tubers with pure-white tasty flesh. Harvest June/July.

Second Early

Charlotte £3.50 per 2kg

A tasty, firm, creamy-yellow variety has a mouth-watering flavour. Produces an excellent crop of uniform shallow-eyed, long-oval tubers, Harvest June-Aug.

Kestrel £4.00 per 2kg

Produces smooth skinned tubers with purple eyes with a flavour of yesteryear. Consistently shows good resistance to slugs and blackleg. Harvest July/Aug


Desiree £3.50 per 2kg

An attractive red-skinned variety which is drought resistant. Best for mashed potatoes or wedges with crisp skin and fluffy centre Harvest Aug/Sept.

Sarpo Mira £4.50 per 2kg

Shows good blight and slug resistance, and produces huge yields of tasty, floury potatoes. Shows great versatility in the kitchen as an all-purpose potato. Harvest Sept-Nov.

Onion Sets

Reduced to clear

Variety: Sturon

Price £1.00 for 500 grams.