Harborne Hill Allotments Shop

Growing Tips


We have a shop on site which sells compost, fertilisers and other essential items at very competitive prices.

The shop is open on Sundays from 11.00 - 12.00 throughout the year and on Saturdays from 11.00 - 12.00 between the middle of February and the end of November.

Sale of goods is restricted to Harborne Hill Allotments Association members only.


Our Products


Humax Multipurpose Compost 60L £5.00
John Innes Compost £3.00

Soil Improvers

Calcified Seaweed 2.5kg £2.50
Chicken Manure Pellets 8Kg £5.60
Composted Horse Manure 40 Litres £3.00
Garden Lime 25Kg £5.00
Grow Organic Manure 40L £6.80


Bone Meal 2.5kg £2.20
Fish, Blood & Bone 2.5Kg £2.20
Growmore 2.5Kg £2.20
Growmore 25kg £20.00
Seaweed Meal 1Kg £2.60
Sulphate of Ammonia 2.5 Kg £1.70
Sulphate of Potash 2.5 Kg £4.50
Superphosphate 2.5 Kg £3.00


Canes 10 x 4 foot £2.20
Canes 10 x 8 Foot £4.80
Key for Main Gate £5.00
Plant Labels (50) £0.80
Slug Pellets 400gm £1.00
Twine Large £2.80
Twine Small £1.50
Twist Ties (50) £0.70
Water Butts £12.50
Wire Galvanised £6.00

Onion Sets

Autumng planting onion sets are now available .

Price £2.50 for 500 grams.

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Seed Potatoes

We are now taking orders for seed potatoes.

Potatoes are supplied in 2kg bags and will be ready for collection in the shop in February.



Our recommended varieties - all £3

First Earlies

Arran Pilot - Heavy cropper

Lady Crystl - Good flavour.

Second Earlies

Kestrel - Great for roasting and chips.


Charlotte - Britains most popular salad potato.

Main Crop

Cara - Good allrounder.

Desiree - Good for mashing,crops well in dry years.

King Edward - Best for roasting


Other varieties we can get include:

Price £3 unless stated

First Earlies

Maris Bard - Good for boiling

Pentland Javelin - Slightly later maturing with big yields

Swift - Very early maturing.

Second Earlies

Estima - Reliable allrounder.

Carlingford - Can be used as a salad potato.

Gemson - £3.25


Pink Fir Apple - Flavour improves with storage-£3.75

Main Crop

Picasso - Ideal for baking or mashing.

Sarpo Mira - Late cropping, good blight and slug resistance. £3.50


If you do not see the variety you are after ask at the shop or email, we may be able to get it.