Harborne Hill Allotments News

This year has got off to good start with unusually warm weather, we have 90 Tenants, and a few vacant plots, 3 small ones and one standard plot will become available shortly.

Our finances are in good order. We do receive a percentage of the rents providing that we collect the rents, and we do receive a maintenance grant from the Council.

Nikki Bradley who for a number of years has been the Council's Allotment Officer resigned at the end of 2018. The BDAC (the Birmingham and District Allotment Confederation) are now taking on more responsibilities, and with many queries they should be addressed in the first instance to the BDAC.

The flood in May 2018 was the largest we have ever experienced, we have been flooding free for about 5 years, there was a need for extra work but the effected plots were soon brought back into use.

Two cars were stolen during the year from the Site, one was crashed through the locked gates on to Harborne Road.

A party of Year 8s from a local School during the last week of their Summer term came and helped us, the shop and the office buildings were painted, shrubs were trimmed and there was a general tidying up.

I thank the members of this Committee for their efforts, manning the Shop, plumbing tasks, shrub trimming, ensuring the lavatories are clean and workable, and helping newcomers.

This year we expect to see the fence along Nursery Road, and it is planned that this will be paid for out of monies raised by the selling of Allotment Land, land that has not been used for growing vegetables for many years. Also, this year I would like to welcome volunteers to serve as Committee members, we are short of 3 Committee Members.

Alistair Thomson - Chair

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Gardeners World Live
13 June 2019 - 16 June 2019

National Allotments Week
12 August 2019 - 18 August 2019



Vandals have smashed glass in a number of greenhouses recently. Please make sure you lock the gates when you leave and keep a lookout for people who should not be on the site.

Polycarbonate is a good alternative to glass for repairing your greenhouse. I used pre-cut 4 foot x 2 foot sheets from C&A Building Products to repair my greenhouse very quickly. There are many other suppliers available.

If you are thinking of building a new greenhouse, Lucas from New York has emailed us some suggestions. You may have to scale down the designs to fit your plot!

Click here to see the designs

Robert the Allotment Cat


In April Walsall Road Alottments were saved from closure after a campaign led by Robert and the other 6 stray cats that live on the site (with a little help from the plotholders and the local councillors).

Robert's Twitter account quickly gained more followers than the leader of Birmingham City Council and the campaign was featured on local and national TV.

Walsall Road Alottments is a thriving site and the fact that the council tried to close it shows that no site is safe from development

Despite the fact that the campaign has been won Robert's Twitter account has continued and he now has almost 12,000 followers!


To see what Robert is up to click here





Use of Slug Pellets

A ban on the outdoor use of metaldehyde, a pesticide used to control slugs in a range of crops and in gardens, is to be introduced across Great Britain from Spring 2020, the Environment Secretary announced today (19 December).

The decision to prohibit the use of metaldehyde, except in permanent greenhouses, follows advice from the UK Expert Committee on Pesticides (ECP) and the Health and Safety Executive (HSE) that metaldehyde poses an unacceptable risk to birds and mammals.

Slugs can cause significant damage to plants and crops, particularly potatoes, cereals and oil seed rape. However, there are other ways to mitigate their impact through soil preparation. For example, sowing the seed deeper into the soil may prevent the slugs from reaching them. There are also alternative pesticides containing ferric phosphate which provide effective control of slugs and snails without carrying the same risks to wildlife.

Information on other types of control can be found at: