Harborne Hill Allotments Growing Advice and Tips


Monthly Guide




Soil Preparation

Cabbages prefer a firm soil so the plot should not be dug over before planting.

The soil needs to be alkaline. I add slow release (Dolomite) lime to the previous crop (peas or beans) and this will have been released in time for the cabbages. If you have not done this add Garden Lime (available in the shop) a few weeks before planting.

Cabbages need plenty of Nitrogen so work into the surface some high nitrogen fertilizer ( I use either Groworganic or chicken pellets and hoof and horn).


I always start cabbages indoors. Sow in seedtrays or modules and pot on into 9cm pots when large enough. Grow on in a coldframe and plant out when ready. Cabbages need a firm soil so don't dig over the plot.Add .well-rotted manure or garden compostand rake over the plot.

When to Sow

Spring Cabbage: July - January, plant out September - March

Summer Cabbage: February/ March, plant out April-June

Autumn Cabbage: February - April plant out May-June

Winter Cabbage: April - June plant out June-July

Maintenance and Feeding

Protect the plants from pigeons and butterflies with netting.

Feed with Groworganic or Blood, Fish & Bone.

When to harvest                            

Spring Cabbage: March-June

Summer Cabbage:June- September

Autumn Cabbage: September- November

Winter Cabbage: November- March



Spring Cabbage: -Winter Jewell, Pixie

Summer Cabbage: - Primo. Kingspi, Greyhound

 Autumn Cabbage: - Picador,

Winter Cabbage: - Tundra




 Cabbage Greyhound

Cabbage Picador